About Us Mission & Vision

Our mission: is to develop and realize renewable energy projects regionally, and internationally.
We are genuinely committed to bring the highest value to our various stakeholders: the shareholders, the customers, the employees and the community at large. To Enhance shareholders value.
To Deliver Outstanding Customer Services ensuring accountability and transparency in all of our operations, while being recognized as a leader in the advancement of renewable energy, and green economy.
To nurture a harmonious efficient and committed workforce.
To care for the communities which we serve.
And, finally, contribute to creating clean, environmentally friendly essential energy from imperishable natural sources.

Our vision: conforms to the growing concerns over the ongoing global climate change caused by fossil fuel. In this course, we endeavor to become a market leader in delivering clean renewable energy solutions in the region We actively participate in creating a clean, safe, sustainable, healthy and intelligent energy.
We aim to grow our business through extensive R&D investment, as well as further structural mergers and acquisitions for our value enhancement. This is coupled with our unwavering diligence in providing outstanding value to our customers; and gaining positive recognition in the markets we serve. We will continue to excel in the renewable energy business in Egypt, MENA region, and internationally.

Our Background
Following its ambitious to move into plan into new business dimensions, coupled with its vision to diversify activities and its belief in specialization, OneraSystems has been created by MEET Egypt to be its successor in practice in the renewable energy business. OneraSystems is mainly focusing on providing clean, efficient and reliable energy to be burgeoning business to the population of the Middle East by providing integrated solutions, as well as integrating solar energy sources with, Fuel Cells & Wind Turbines. With virtually the same top management, OneraSystems is acquiring all expertise and know-how in the field of Renewable to hit the road running. This will quickly grant OneraSystems a leadership position that is backed by continuous R&D efforts in the field.
At the latest addition to the family of MEET, OneraSystems was created with one simple view; this was to be able to provide clean, efficient and reliable energy to the burgeoning business and civilian populations of the Middle East. Today it provides and compliments MEET with complete solar powered systems, for the Telecommunications, Oils and Utilities sectors as wells as any other fields that require their services.
In the Middle East, the thirst for power grows daily. OneraSystems is there to meet this demand as a provider of integrated solar powered supply systems for a wide variety of business sectors. It is also gateway to the future for their energy supplies.
Seeking perfection in providing the clients with exceptional quality, Onera adopted the quality controls and standards of MEET Egypt which granted the acquisition of the ISO 9001 certification in 2003, ISO 14001 certification in 2003, and the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2006; for the design, manufacture, inspection, supply, management, documentation, installation and commissioning of solar systems, power supply systems, batteries, obstruction lights, civil works and steel structures, passive cooling shelters and enclosures.