Our Products

Power Supply Systems

All Power Supply Systems that will provide AC & DC power to Telecom
Systems, Utilities, and any other applications. This will include but not
limited to:
A-DC Power Supply Systems
Complete power Supply systems for Telecom, and utilities applications,
including spare parts and components, including the following:
• Rectifiers
• Distribution Power
• Converters
• Inverters
• Ringing Systems
• Monitoring Systems

B-Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS)
Complete UPS System, including spare parts and components. For the
following applications:
• Telecommunications sector.
• Oil& Gas sector.
• Hospitalist sector.
• IT sector (computers and servers).
• Utilities applications.

C-Hybrid Systems
Complete Hybrid System, including spare parts and components which
will be supplied and design according to the requirement and data from our
The Hybrids systems as following:
• Solar + batteries +Generators.
• Solar +Generators.
• Generator +batteries.
• Wind +batteries + Generators.