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Shelters & Enclosures & Cabinets

Complete solutions for supply shelters which using as a cabinets for the telecom equipments or batteries, the shelters are protected the equipments from the wither changing and ambient temperatures, we are manufacture the sandwich panel shelters in our facilities putting into our consideration the international standard and measurements .

We have a wide range for the ability to manufacture whatever our client requirements considering the engineering standards.

Our big achievement supply our customers with the shelters and enclosures which can full fill their requirements.

The specifications are to present a description for pre-fabricated shelter to house the telecom equipment associated and the auxiliaries at various sites.

The shelters can be utilized on both existing buildings Rooftops and Greenfield sites.

The shelters is designed and manufactured to be totally tight against all nature Phenomena as heat, water, moisture, dust and air infiltration/penetration into the Shelter.

The shelter has a lifetime expectancy of 25 years. Accordingly all the component Materials are non corrosive, non-degradable, non-perishable and have durable Nature.