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We are convinced that off-grid solar systems are a contribution to the individual independence of everyone.
Off-grid solar systems extend your scope of action due to a direct utilisation of solar energy.
Our solutions are therefore a significant contribution if you want to realise ambitious ideas.


UNIPOWER is a world leading provider of dependable high‐efficiency power electronics, energy conversion systems and power supplies. UNIPOWER solutions include a complete line of high-efficiency rectifiers, inverters and DC power systems for mission critical applications. With over 25 years experience supporting customers in more than 60 countries, UNIPOWER is focused on bringing reliable power solutions to customers across all applications and environments.

Leoch batteries

As a high-end brand at domestic and abroad, Leoch is committed to providing reliable and innovative power supply to businesses, covering a wide range of related fields such as network energy, starter batteries and power batteries. After years of development, the company has grown into a leading battery manufacturer and exporter in China, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions around the world.

Monbat Batteries

As one of the leading European batteries’ producers, the economic group operates under two main business segments – Lead-Acid batteries and Li-Ion high-power solutions.


SMA has been setting technological trends and driving the development of renewable energies. With our groundbreaking inverter technology, we have made significant contributions in seeing that renewable energies leave the pioneer phase behind and increasingly become the norm worldwide.

Sun Power Technologies

Sun Power Technologies is a premium provider of advanced electrical solutions, and high efficiency DC Air Conditioning for a wide range of industries. Our mission is to integrate new, innovative DC and AC power technology into the markets that we serve. We currently offer products that bring value, comfort, convenience and safety to the Marine, EV/Hybrid Vehicles, Commercial Vehicle, Telecom, Military and Residential markets.

gnb industrial power

GNB Industrial Power is a major supplier of batteries for trucks and cleanings machines. Our product range also includes chargers, battery replacing systems and other accessories. In addition, GNB has a nationwide service network.


The Company task consists in designing , manufacturing and delivering any kind of equipment housing with its self-conditioning system.

western co.

Western CO. is able to meet the needs of customers both from the point of view of products and quality, providing complete tested electronic circuits.

Yingli solar

Yingli Solar makes solar power possible for communities everywhere by using our global manufacturing and logistics expertise to address unique local energy challenges. As one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers, our teams of local experts are empowering communities around the world to go solar.

Csun energy

CSUN is a global leading R&D and manufacturer of high- performance PV materials and solar modules.It leads the research direction of high-performance PV technology around the world. In past decade, CSUN has already supplied over 15GW solar modules to the worldwide.

Moringstar corporation

Morningstar’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest-quality products available. Our products exceed all other PV controllers & inverters for protection against extreme environments, corrosion, lightning surges and harsh ambient operating temperatures (common to remote PV systems)—all while delivering more than twice the industry’s average operating life.

Ferbo Energy

Ferbo Energy offers an extensive range of excellent systems, which meet the modern requirements of energy need, developed with research, advanced technology and manufactured with high quality materials. Ferbo allows the customization of products based on customer specifications.


KOSTAL Automotive Electrical Systems is one of the top 100 global suppliers to the automotive industry.


Orga has been delivering high-quality and efficient solutions for marking assets and landing areas to guarantee safe operations. Orga develops and manufactures smart offshore and onshore obstruction marking for wind turbines, high-rise buildings and telecom towers, Circle-H helideck lighting, aids to navigation and power supply systems. A comprehensive range of services and support capabilities is also provided.


CENTIEL is a Swiss-based technology innovation company with a highly experienced team of designers, who have developed the first 3 phase-modular fault-tolerant UPS-system. With our passion and commitment for innovative design, product quality, and customer care, we are keeping pace with the increasing availability challenges in data centers and other mission-critical applications.


Studer Innotec, founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, is an ISO certified company that develops and manufactures inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers entirely in Switzerland.


The Micha Design Company was formed in 1986, offering design and printed circuit board assembly to customers in
the Buckinghamshire area. Initially providing a local service, the customer base has now expanded to cover both UK
and Europe markets for non-solar applications, and Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas for its solar products.

Ever Exceed

EverExceed Corporation was established in 1985 at the dawn of rapid development of global industrial power products. EverExceed inherited the British technology since 20th century with the revolution and development of energy and power products.As the national high tech enterprise, EverExceed is always specializing engaged in R & D, production, sales of renewable energy solution, data center solution as well as security surveillance solution.

Heckert Solar

Heckert Solar module delights thanks to its extremely high degree of efficiency, while being quick and easy to install. We have developed our own hollow-chamber profile for the especially warp-resistant frame. And the high-tech aluminium alloying withstands lots and lots of summers and winters. We ensure the frame and laminate are reliably bonded together by using innovative adhesive technology. Combined with the highly transparent and toughened ESG solar glass, we guarantee a resilience that goes far beyond the norm.

Egyptian German Co. for Trading

The new millennium has begun with great expectations and challenges, especially about Energy & Environment. Therefore our company introduces the solar energy system to the Egyptian Market. This gives you clean and safe energy We are concentrating in the Telecommunications sector as it is the way to connect people around the world to transfer technologies and progress.


Ashmand has succeeded to establish itself as a reliable business partner to international companies since its foundation in 1989. Combining the very latest in technological innovations and acting as an agent, business consultant and even marketing advisor of multinational companies supplying high quality products according to the international technical specifications.